Our Story

One Sunday in spring 2015, two good friends of 20+ years got together for a casual brunch and stumbled into a passionate conversation about natural and holistic skin care, shea butter, essential oils, and "how amazing is coconut oil"....until one valiantly declared, "I want to make soap!".  The next two and a half hours were spent hashing out a vision for producing skin care products that were free of the questionable ingredients so many cosmetic companies use today and getting back to basics.  The next year was spent learning as much as possible about soaping, formulating handcrafted products, researching and creating recipes, researching techniques and production methods, testing formulas - each and every one, dusting their shoulders off on a few failed batches and celebrating the victories of many great ones. 

Today those two good friends, Ms. LaJuan Clark and Ms. Teresa King, operate in the same manner in which they started, with a passion for producing simple, clean, effective and beautiful skin care products.

"Had you told me even two days prior to that Sunday that I would be making soaps, lotions, and body scrubs I would have thought you were crazy, like 'who actually makes soap? who actually makes lotion' but in that moment, in that conversation, it made perfect sense.  Now the question for me is 'how could I not make soaps and lotions?'. - La Juan Clark, Co-founder/Owner

"We are in a world filled with chemicals that are in virtually everything that we use or ingest from food to finger nail polish. I was inspired by my daughter to look for more natural alternatives to support a healthier life style from the inside out. I begin looking at the ingredients of my beloved commercial products and discovered I couldn’t pronounce any of the words except “water.” Hmmm there is something wrong with this picture.  I knew it was time for me to research how to make wonderful products people would embrace without having to look up complex words on your smart phone to make sure the product is safe to use. While working on hair and body butters I received a call from a close friend of 20 years about going into business together. We met over lunch and the rest is history." - Teresa King, Co-founder/Owner




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